Registration in Norwegian Ship Register NOR


Registration of ROMAR will be completed within a month.

Possible owners of “ROMAR” – LG 9809 are asked to report to Norwegian Ship Register (NOR) within 1-one-month

  • Publisert: 24.10.2016

Announcement according to Maritime Act § 36: Legal basis to vessels acquired by announcement on www.lysningsblad.no and www.sdir.no

Possible owners to this vessel is asked to report to Norwegian Ship Register (NOR) within 1-one-month:

  • Name: Romar
  • Earlier name: Monique
  • Signal letters: LG9809
  • CIN-NO.: FR-BIS03811D606
  • Built by: Harmony Yacths, France in 2006
  • Length: 11,23 m
  • Hull width: 3,82 m
  • Depth: 1,50 m
  • Earlier owners: Harmony Yacths, France, Ole Håvard Grindalen, Auli and latest by Ole Torrissen, Paradis.

If no person appears, Ole Torrissen, Paradis will get registered title to the vessel in accordance with the Maritime act § 36.

Contact: Norwegian Ship Register (NOR)

Postbox 73 Nygårdstangen, 5838 Bergen, Norway
Telefon: 55 54 12 50


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