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M/S Norge

Day 1

Departed Oslo from Royal Norwegian Yacht Club (KNS) on May 2nd at 19:00 heading south the Oslo fiord. Just outside the KNS marine we passed the king yacht “M/S Norge”. This white lady was for anchor and the crew working on the spring maintenance and polishing. I wish the 80 years old King Harald and Queen Sonja a pleasant summer on the sea. The king himself a highly qualifies sailor, world champion from 1987 and have represented Norway in three Olympic games.

For the first longer voyage on S/Y Romar we headed south slowly to learn to know my new “lady”, and at 21:00 we entered Oscarborg gjestehavn (http://oscarsborggjestehavn.no) on Kaholmene in the Drøbakk sound. The Oscarborg fortress best known for sinking the German heavy cruiser Blücher by torpedo. This slowed down the German naval force heading for Oslo, thus managing to save the Norwegian King and government from being taken prisoner. The “shipdog” Mira enjoyed a walk on the fortress after Romar was safely moored in the harbor.

Oscarborg Fortress
Evening mood







Day 2.

Blue skies, weak wind and sunshine  – the perfect conditions for setting sails for first time. I got a sun tanned face and plenty of time to polish the cockpit. At 20:00 we entered the harbor of Stavern, a village in Larvik muncipality. Stavern has probably been a harbour since ancient times. The name is found in written sources from the 11th century and the 12th century where it is referred to as a good fishing harbour. East of Stavern, in Viksfjorden, we find Kaupang. Kaupang was a Norse term for market-place. Today, it is generally used as a name of the first town-like market-place, the Kaupang in Skiringssal, which is located near Larvik. Kaupang was an important merchant and craft center during the Viking period and as yet the first known Norwegian trading outpost.


Day 3.

Departed Stavern at 08:00 and headed for open waters in bright shunshine. Sat sail and headed for Arendal. Calm wind and a beautiful May day. Entered Tromøy sound in the afternoon and sailed through this charming sound west to Arendal. Moored at the guest harbor and could enjoy a dinghy regatta.  Beautiful wooden dinghies with an impressive finish.


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