North along the Norwegian Coast – Utvær to Statt


From Utvær we continued north to Florø. Florø is administration center in Flora municipality and Norway’s westernmost city. Florø was also an important fishing port, especially linked to the herring fishery in the 19th century and the 1950s. We moored in the modern guest harbor in the middle of the city.

Hornelen – Europe’s tallest sea cliff.

From Flora, the journey continued towards Måløy. We passed the Hornelen at Bremengerlandet. The Hornel is with its 860 m Europe’s tallest sea cliff.

Ship dog Wire Haired German Pointer Speldammens V Mira

The new research vessel, owned by the Norwegian Polar Institute, “Kronprins Haakon” (Crown Prince Haakon) was moored in Måløy harbor. This fits quite well as Måløy is one of Norway´s largest and important fishing ports.

The research vessel “Kronprins Haakon” at Måløy harbor

In good weather, we continued over Statt. The State Peninsula has a very harsh and windy climate and with difficult sea currents. I wonder what made people settle far from the nearest neighbor, facing open sea and suffering from a harsh climate as the settlement at Fokhornet.

“Where nobody would think that anyone could live”  – Fokhornet at Stattlandet