• Stan Rogers – Northwest Passage “Northwest Passage” is one of the best-known songs by Canadian musician Stan Rogers. An a cappella song, it features Rogers alone singing the verses, with several guest vocalists harmonizing with him in the chorus.
  • Search for the Northwest Passage. A fascinating documentary following Sir John Franklin’s ill fated attempt & Roald Amundsen’s subsequent successful crossing of the Northwest Passage.
  • Sailing the Northwest Passage – full Documentary. Sailing off the beaten tracks – world cruising on board LA BELLE EPOQUE – www.fortgeblasen.at. This is the second part of the sailing adventure of Claudia and Jürgen. After falling in Love with the North, they decide to sail to Greenland and spend a full year there. Meaning, to spend a winter in the ice. From Greenland Claudia and Jürgen heading into the legendary Northwest Passage to find the way through the Arctic into the Pacific.
  • Børge Ousland: Breaking Records in the Arctic | Nat Geo Live World-renowned polar explorer Børge Ousland shares his harrowing and hilarious adventures exploring the North Pole by ski and circumnavigating the Arctic Ocean by sailboat.
  • National TV feature from Australian TV program ‘Sunday Night’, about Chris and Jess Bray’s adventure to become the first people to sail a junk rigged sailboat through the Northwest Passage above Canada and Alaska in the Arctic. See www.YachtTeleport.com for video updates and their later travels!